At 12 Years Old, Egyptian-American Sawsan Ahmed Graduates University


Photo Credit: The Miami Herald

At only 12 years old, Egyptian-American Sawsan Ahmed earned an associate degree with a concentration in biological science from Broward College, South Florida, in December of 2021, report Egypt Independent and the Daily Mail.

She graduated with a perfect grade point average of 4.0, and is set to begin her graduate studies this month at the University of Florida with a focus on computer science, biology, and chemistry.

Sawsan Ahmed was born on 14 January 2009, in Rhode Island, to Egyptian doctor Wesam Ahmed and American academic Jeena Santos Ahmed. While Ahmed’s parents refused to disclose their daughter’s IQ, they regaled various US media outlets with stories of their daughter’s childhood.

Sawsan’s first word was “mama”, which she uttered when she was only 9 months old. “Bye-bye” quickly followed, as her next word.

By the time Sawsan was 15 months old, she was able to speak in complete sentences, and even addressed her pediatrician directly. The infamous ‘terrible twos’ weren’t all that terrible for Sawsan’s parents, as she could already read and write by then.

Sawsan received her high school diploma at the age of nine, during the spring of 2018, having been enrolled in a dual-program in January of the same year, gaining her high school diploma while embarking on her first semester in college.

Her entire education thus far had been at the hands of her mother, who had gained her PhD from Brown University, and set up customized curriculums for her daughter. While Sawsan struggled somewhat with the liberal arts courses, she breezed through most of the science courses, and was well-loved by students on campus.

Sawsan’s speedy education did not prevent her from experiencing a childhood. The young student loves gaming, especially popular game Minecraft. She is also a huge Disney fan. In fact, Sawsan’s teddy – Ben – graduated college with her!

Sawsan has expressed interest in Medical Artificial Intelligence (AI), and plans to move her studies in that direction.

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