Egypt reports weekly increase in COVID-19 infections at 10%


May 2, 2021
4:36 pm

Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population announced that the nation’s weekly rate of coronavirus infections has risen to 10 percent.

However, the head of the Central Administration for Preventive Affairs at the Health and Population Ministry Mohamed Abdel Fattah, said that this rate is “reassuring and does not cause any concern at all.”

In Saturday phone call to the “Min al-Qahera” (From Cairo) show on Sky News Arabia, he said “The epidemiological situation at the local level is reassuring … we are witnessing an increase in infections that does not exceed 10 percent on a weekly basis.”

“This makes us tighten procedures a little on the part of the citizens, adhere to the etiquette of social distancing and non-contact, and to reduce social occasions, so we can return to stability in numbers and reduce infections,” Abdel Fattah added.

The Head of the Ministry of Health’s Scientific Committee to Combat Coronavirus Hossam Hosny, warned that the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic is the most severe.

During phone-in on Saturday with the “al-Hekaya” (The Story) show, Hosny said that civilians have lost caution in holding gatherings.

He noted that while symptoms have not actually changed, higher temperatures now mean that dry cough might be one of the first symptoms of infection noted.

Egypt’s Health and Population Ministry has reported 1,032 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, 63 deaths and 769 recovered cases.

The country has now reported a total of 228,584 confirmed cases, 171,542 recovered cases, and 13,402 deaths.

Case numbers began creeping up in March and are back to second wave peak levels. Egyptian officials have speculated that a third wave of the virus will hit during or after the month of Ramadan, which began on April 13.

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Source: egyptindependent