Moroccan Dams Reaches Improved Filling Rate of 51.3%


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Rabat – The main national dams have reached a filling volume of more than 8.26 billion cubic meters, equivalent to a filling rate of 51.3%, as of March 3, compared to the same period of last year with a filling rate of 49.8% (7.77 billion m3) during the same period of 2020.

The largest Moroccan reservoir, the Alwahda Dam showed an increased filling rate of 74.4%, or 2.61 billion cubic meters, compared to 63.5% in 2020. 

The second-largest reservoir, the Idriss I Dam has a  filling rate of 79.1%, or 893 million cubic meters, against 85.3% in 2020. 

Ranking third, the Oued El Makhazine Dam has a filling rate of 93.5% or a filling volume of 629 million cubic meters.

Dams located In the Souss Massa region, together all the dams reached 240.86 million cubic meters, or a filling rate of 32.97%. Compared to 2020, the filling volume shows a dramatic increase. In 2020, Souss Massa reservoirs came to approximately 139.45 million cubic meters, or a filling rate of 19.9%, according to the Souss Massa Hydraulic Basin Agency (ABHSM).

Elsewhere, the Aoulouz Dam had 50.539 million cubic meters, the Youssef Ben Tachfine Dam 78.72 million cubic meters, the Abdelmoumen Dam 31.22 million cubic meters, and the Moulay Abdellah Dam reached 27.30 million cubic meters.