OCP Promotes Sports, Youth Empowerment in Central Morocco


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Rabat – The OCP Group’s Site Al Gantour continues to provide assistance to the youth and vulnerable populations in rural areas with the construction and development of a nearby synthetic turf field in the village of Sidi Ahmed in Youssoufia province, near Marrakech.

The OCP “Site El Gantour” group is committed to efforts aimed at developing sports infrastructures in the province of Youssoufia. The latest project is part of a socio-sports initiative seeking to establish and develop high-level infrastructures for open-air sports activities. 

OPC is carrying out the sports infrastructure scheme in partnership with the local authorities of Youssoufia, and in coordination with the technical services of the “Site Al Gantour” initiative.

The partnership aims to strengthen the integration of young people, to benefit from local talents, and to modernize the sports sector in general in the underserved rural areas.

This program includes the construction and development of a series of local sports fields in several neighborhoods of the city of Youssoufia, as well as in the villages of the province.

For project initiators, such projects are proof of the OCP Group’s commitment to upgrading socio-economic infrastructure in the rural areas and creating lasting income-generating activities, fighting illiteracy. The goal is to improve the living conditions of the rural population.

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Last month, the NGO “ACt4Community, ”also affiliated with OCP Group’s Al Gantour site, signed a two-year agreement with local authorities of the Rehamna province (central Morocco) to support rural youth entrepreneurship.

In a bid to promote entrepreneurship and youth engagement, the MAD 4.8 million ($538,000) partnership agreement aims to support cooperatives, small businesses, and individual entrepreneurs. The main aim, insisted the OCP-affiliated association, is to create projects with added value and a lasting socio-economic impact.

The Act4Community association mostly assists underserved communities in improving their well-being and helping to establish projects that create permanent job opportunities. 

Source: moroccoworldnews.com