SIMULEX 2022 Exercise on Fighting Sea Pollution Held Off Mohammedia


The exercise, organized by the Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development in collaboration with various civil and military departments, has mobilized significant sea, land and air resources. It was executed according to the scenario of a collision between a cargo ship and an oil tanker causing the spill of three thousand (3,000) tonnes of heavy fuel oil at sea.

The management of operations at sea was ensured by the Royal Navy with the support of the Royal Air Force and the Gendarmerie Royale, while ground operations were managed by the General Directorate of Civil Protection with the support of the departments concerned.

The interventions at the port of Mohammedia were ensured by the National Agency of Ports.

The objective of this exercise, the 10th of its kind, is to assess the implementation of the National Contingency Plan on the operational, technical and logistical levels, to strengthen coordination and cooperation between the various stakeholders of the different civilian and military departments, Hamid Rhiouani from the Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development told M24, MAP’s 24-hour rolling news channel.

In similar remarks, Colonel El Bouyakoubi Moulay Ismail, Prefectural Commander of the Civil Protection of Mohammedia said this exercise is an opportunity to strengthen and hone the skills of civil protection in the fight against accidental marine pollution.

The edition of this year, organized from 21 to 23 June 2022, sees the participation of observers from friendly countries (Mauritania and the United Arab Emirates).

The national simulation exercise on Fighting Marine Pollution dubbed "SIMULEX 2022" was held, Wednesday, off the coast of Mohammedia, as part of the implementation of the provisions of the National contingency plan (PNU) on preparation and response to accidental sea pollution.
22 June 2022