ANC going the same path as other African revolutionaries


With a dismal performance during the local government elections, it seems the liberation movement the ANC faced what several African revolutionaries faced – corruption, a weak economy and declining support, according to political analysts.

Comparing the ANC to liberation movement’s such as Zimbabwe’s Zanu-PF, political analyst Andre Duvenhage said such movements often run into trouble once they govern.

“Like in Zambia and Zimbabwe, there is a combination of factors like a declining state, low economic growth performance and corruption.

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“All these problems are prominent within the framework of the ANC,” he said.

For political analyst Levy Ndou, despite numerous scandals, the ANC rule had done a lot to reverse apartheid policies.

“They’ve been able to build a lot of houses for the poor… They are paying for students at tertiary level and provided electricity to millions of citizens…” he said.

“At a general level, there’s no way a citizen can say the ANC has done nothing…”

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Source: citizen