‘Certified Loser’: Maimane rubs it in as Mbalula mourns ANC losing metros


Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula has shared a series of tweets about the ANC’s performance during the local government elections and the state of coalition talks.

The tweet which started the Twitter tirade reads as follows:

“We didn’t lose elections we lost to coalitions bcos [sic] of our failure to ganer [sic] outright majority to govern.”

Elections and Coalitions

Mbalula defends ANC’s poor performance

In essence, Mbalula blamed the recent coalition talks on the ANC losing municipalities, and not the ruling party’s poor performance in the elections.

This, of course, garnered reaction from other netizens, including One South Africa Movement leader, Mmusi Maimane, who said:

“You are in denial. The turntables will not spin. Your party lost millions of votes. Your party lost metros.”

Maimane’s tweet was accompanied by an image with the text “Certified L”, as in “Certified Loser”. And he wasn’t the only one to take a jab at Mbaks.

Mr Fix blames coalitions

We’ve included some of the other responses below for your enjoyment. But wait, there’s more. Mr Fix, who is the ANC’s head of elections, didn’t stop there.

He then attempted to clarify his stance by saying the ANC had “won Joburg without [an] outright majority but they decided to give Joburg to the DA”.

He said the current process, hard as it may be for the ruling party, was necessary because it would “distinguish revolutionaries from chance takers within the ANC”.

He said smaller parties banded together in metros, in an attempt to “oust the ANC” as a means of “punishment”.

Mbablula then adds: “Others define it as ‘punishment’; if there’s any punishment [it] is by our voters who did not come out in numbers to vote, we respect their stance, we need to address their issues [sic].”

Clapback on social media

One netizen known only as @DanielTheIV said: “Yes, you didn’t lose wena Mbaks, you just failed to win. Big difference.”

A third user added: “If you won the elections you wouldn’t need to go to coalition with any party, hope this brings clarity to the above statement”.

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