Metrobus commuters urged to find alternative transport


Metrobus commuters have been urged to find alternative transport in and around Johannesburg following strike action by bus drivers.

Some of the more than 200 routes across Johannesburg will be affected as members affiliated to the Democratic Municipal and Allied Workers Union (Demawusa) will not report for work.

Demawusa spokesperson Dion Makhura says the strike is due to a number of grievances including wage disparities.

“There are new people who have been appointed. You find that there are people who have been working there they have experience, they have qualifications. This person comes now … his salary is above old people [employees] by around R7 000 to R8 000.”

“We demand all salary disparities be adjusted. Those other [employees] who are not earning higher salaries they have to be adjusted to the new salaries,” says Makhura.

Below is the full interview from SAfm:

Source: sabcnews