SGB calls on government to deploy security following teacher’s stabbing in North West


The chairperson of the school governing body (SGB) of the Tshefoge Primary School outside Brits in the North West has called on government to deploy security at the school following the stabbing of one of its female teachers on Monday. Learners are currently attending school at the local town hall while their school is being renovated.

It is  reported that the suspect forcefully entered the premises wearing a balaclava and stabbed the teacher in her neck and back.

SGB chairperson Samson Sewela: “We don’t have security personnel, that is going to be implemented now, when they finish re-building. They going to implement it, remember today we have a meeting with the MEC, they check the school and all those things are in the school. I feel so sad, I just hoped that the teacher is well, all the gates are going to be locked, and we are now talking about getting a security personnel to put in place so that the school will be safe at all times.”

North West Education MEC Wendy  Matsemela says she is satisfied that security is up to standard.

“The school is having a fence, a proper fence, a proper gate, giving also that the school is renovated, our learners  have been relocated to another building, but when you look at the security around that building, the security is well, our screeners were at the gate when this kind of gentleman started to arrogantly approach them and forcefully entered into our school. It cannot be said the is no proper security, because even where our learners are, actually relocated that area is having proper security.” – Report by Salang Motsepe

Source: sabcnews