Deal over Russian naval base is under review: Sudan's al-Burhan


June 11, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – Abdel Fattah al-Burhan Head of the Transitional Council said that the agreement with Russia on the naval base has not been cancelled, but rather is under review.

“The Russian naval base has not been cancelled. Discussions are underway on how to draft this agreement and how to adopt it by the concerned authorities, such as the Legislative Council, along with other authorities participating in the transitional authority,” al-Burhan told the Asharq TV on Thursday.

“Also, this agreement needs a review because it was made in an earlier period and now conditions have changed in Sudan, he further stressed.

Last May, Sudanese authorities stopped the deployment of Russian force in a Sudanese naval base, Flaming, on the Red Sea. Further, Khartoum requested Moscow to withdraw all the military equipment, radars and communication devices that had been shipped to the base.

In a visit to Russia in November 2017, ousted President al-Bashir offered to President Vladimir Putin to establish a military base on the Red Sea saying Sudan need Russian protection to faces “major pressure and conspiracy from the United States.”

Following what the two countries agreed in January 2019 to start with building a supply centre for Russian warships in the Red Sea ahead towards establishing strategic relations.

The deal was concluded while Moscow was negotiating with Asmara the establishment of another naval base in Nakura of Dahlak Island of Eritrea. Russia also agreed with Somaliland to set up a naval base in Berbera.

Al-Sudani newspaper, citing military sources in Port Sudan, reported that the Russian warship PM-138 left Port Sudan on Friday afternoon transporting the last batch of Russian military equipment in the Flamingo military base.

Military sources further said that Sudan officially asked Russia to evacuate its military officers and their equipment pending the approval of the agreement by the to be formed Transitional Legislative Council.


Source: sudantribune