Ethiopian peacekeepers serving with UNAMID refuse to return home


]Darfur 24-Khartoum

The Commissioner for Refugees in North Darfur State, Mohamad Al-Fateh, said  more than 100 Ethiopian soldiers serving with  the United Nations and the African Union mission in Darfur  UNAMID  refused to return to their country of origin, (Ethiopia)  after ending their tenure  in Darfur.

Mohamad Al-Fateh stated that the Ethiopian soldiers had applied for asylum via   the Commission of Refugees in Sudan, expressing their unwillingness to return to their country of origin due to what they called special circumstances and security concerns hindering their return.

Last November,  military confrontations between the federal government and regional forces in the Ethiopian Tigray region on the borders of Ethiopia with Sudan and Eritrea led to the displacement of at least eight thousand civilians.

Source: sudantribune