Sudanese children abducted near Ethiopian border


July 23, 2021 (GEDAREF) – Ethiopian militias on Friday kidnapped three boys from an area southwest of the Sudanese town of Galabat in Gedaref state.

The children from the Fellata tribe, aged between 10 and 15 years, were abducted while they were grazing cows in an area adjacent to the Ethiopian town of Matama in the Amhara Region.

The Sudanese army and the Central Reserve forces conduct a search operation for the missing children, in vain.

The local authorities learnt later that the Ethiopian kidnappers sought to contact their families to request a ransom in exchange for their release.

Sudan accuses Ethiopia of seeking to destabilize the Sudanese farmers who regained the Al-Fashaga area and prevent them from cultivating or grazing their cattle.

Sudan and Ethiopia vowed to not wage war but the continued attacks by the Ethiopian army-backed militia elements might trigger war by the two countries, officials in Khartoum said.

In addition, the continental road at the border area between the Sudanese and the Ethiopian Matma witnessed on Friday a state of tension and high alert after the closure of the road for an hour and a half by an individual military decision without referring to the Security Committee.

The Ethiopian merchants and owners of cafes and hotels were forced to close their shops in the Ethiopian Matama and left the city.


Source: sudantribune