Gaming in Egypt: A Billion-Dollar Industry on the Rise


Egypt ranked second only to Saudi Arabia among Arab countries in spending on electronic games in 2023, with a total expenditure of USD 1.71 billion (EGP 80.71 billion), marking a 17 percent increase from the previous year, according to a report by Statista. The gaming industry, which has been booming since the COVID-19 pandemic, continues to thrive in Egypt, driven by a youthful population and growing internet access. “I don’t like to lose, so I spend money to get more tries and pass levels,” Radwa Mohamed, 24, told Egyptian Streets.  A survey conducted by Niko Partners, a market research company specializing in gaming, investigated the three largest gaming markets in the MENA region: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates – collectively called MENA-3. In 2023, MENA-3 recorded 68.4 million players, with Egypt making up 58.5 percent of gamers, totaling 40 million. The fast-growing market of Egypt has a higher percentage of gamers under the age of 25 years compared to the UAE and Saudi Arabia. When it comes to revenue, Egypt recorded USD 201.6 million (EGP 9.51 billion), accounting for 10.5 percent of the total revenue generated by…

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