Mixed reactions trail video of Dagrin’s mother dilapidated house as she seeks for financial assistance


Netizens have been reacting to a video showcasing the house of the late singer Dagrin’s mother, sparking a range of emotions and opinions.

Last week, it was reported that Dagrin’s mother had made an appeal for help from Nigerians, expressing her pitiful state. In the video, the elderly woman shared her struggles, mentioning that she sells food on the roadside but finds it challenging due to her age and insufficient earnings to support her family.

She revealed that she avoids certain areas to fend for herself as some people recognize her. Despite suggestions for her to seek assistance from Afrobeats superstars Davido or Olamide, she considers them to be children and refrains from begging them.

Expressing her poverty and the need for suitable accommodation for her family, she pleaded with Nigerians to raise between N3 million to N5 million to help her start a business.

Following her plea, a video of the house where she currently resides surfaced online, stirring mixed reactions among viewers. While some questioned who was receiving the late singer’s royalties, others believed there was nothing wrong with the house.

One commenter, Emiliae CEO, wrote, “Who is collecting his royalties online, that’s the real culprit right now. This woman shouldn’t be suffering, na.”

Another commenter, Nikkie Production, stated, “This is where she has been living even before Dagrin passed away. It is well.”

A user named Christ Ejiks expressed concern over the increasing trend of famous individuals or their parents seeking financial support on social media, predicting that the media space might become overwhelmed by such appeals.

Oyindamola Amole wrote a prayer, saying, “Lord, let me die with glory.”

Usman defended the house, stating, “Don’t talk about this house; you can talk about her receiving financial help from people, but I see nothing wrong with the house. The compound is even better than some people’s compounds.”