“Nobody should use Android phone to take photos of me”- Bobrisky

Nigerian male-barbie, Bobrisky has told his fans to stop taking photos of him with their android phones.
According to the socialite, those phones make him look like “someone keke jam” adding that he would only allow the usage of iPhone13 when it comes to taking photos with him because he needs to “stop looking like retired old ashewo” in photos taken with people’s phones.
Here is what he shared on his page; I don’t know what is in some people’s phone, the moment they snap you like this you will look like someone keke jam!!!!
Nobody should use any andriod phone to snap me. Only iPhone 13. If you don’t have iPhone 13 just keep your phone in your pocket.
In related news, Bobrisky responded to those asking why he hasn’t moved into his mansion.
Meanwhile, this comes after the 30-year-old transvestite unveiled the new mansion located in Lagos state which he claims was worth N400 million and threw a grand housewarming party to celebrate it.
However, some Lagos residents who passed in front of the house revealed that the whole place is deserted and not even one air-conditioner has been installed in the property.