Popular Ghanaian pastors seek spiritual powers from me – Nana Agradaa


Nana Agradaa, a former priestess now a prophetess has unraveled how pastors in Ghana stopped by her shrine for spiritual capabilities to thrive in their churches.

She disclosed in an interview that some of these ministers who wereher close allies when she was a priestess have now turned againsther.

Nana said they are sad and feel endangered by the new faith she found in God against her being a priestess.

“I was trained by a man of God who baptized me. I was under training for a whole year. Even when I was in my shrine, I was learning the things in the bible but I hadn’t gone public. True Christians are the ones happy about my repentance.

“Some Ghanaian pastors who supported me as a fetish priestess are not happy because I have accepted Christ and they are still fighting me,” she said.

However, she, said she is wouldn’t dwell on the past or unearth the popular preachers in question who came to her for spiritual backups.

Nana who is now an Evangelist began a church lately in Accrawhere she educates the word of God to people and also propheciesto followers regardless of the doubts of several people.

She said, “A lot of pastors came to me when I was a fetish priestess for assistance, I just don’t want to expose them since I am a new creation. There is no need to talk about people’s past. It doesn’t matter if humans don’t believe that I am indeed born again.

“I was called by God and He is the only one I look up to. I work for God, the goal is not to please man, if that was the case, I would have stayed in my shrine. I am doing my assignment.”

By Damilola Olufemi