Tanzanian gov’t bans song that says President Suluhu is harbouring thieves


In the five-minute-long song, Ney wa Mitego questions whether the demise of former President John Pombe Magufuli was some form of punishment

Tanzanian rapper Emmanuel Elibariki, popularly known as Ney wa Mitego, has once again found himself in the midst of a heated controversy with the Tanzanian government over his latest release titled ‘Amkeni.’

In the song, Ney fearlessly criticizes President Samia Suluhu’s administration, leading to its swift ban by Tanzania’s National Art Council, BASATA.

In ‘Amkeni,’ Ney wa Mitego doesn’t hold back as he boldly calls out the government, describing it as corrupt and accusing President Suluhu of merely putting up billboards to portray herself as hardworking while allegedly failing to deliver on her promises.

The rapper further points out the burden of multiple taxes imposed on Tanzanians, coupled with subpar public services and increasing national debt.

BASATA swiftly responded to the song, imposing a ban on its play across national media houses and social media platforms.

The council stated that the song was disrespectful to President Suluhu and had the potential to incite the public against the ruling government.

However, the ban didn’t deter Ney wa Mitego from expressing his views further. He took to his Instagram account, condemning BASATA’s decision and accusing them of abusing their authority, all at the expense of taxpayers.

The rapper expressed his lack of surprise, claiming that mainstream media has previously shunned his music, but that hasn’t stopped his songs from becoming street anthems.