Temmie Ovwasa: My stepdad assaulted me for 6 years


Temmie Ovwasa, the Nigerian singer better known as YBNL Princess, has alleged that her stepfather abused her sexually from age 11 to 17.

The musician disclosed this in a Twitter thread on Friday while informing fans about her upcoming project.

In the post, Ovwasa claimed that despite seeing details of the incident in her stepdad’s diary, her mother refused to confront or divorce him.

The ‘Holy Water’ singer further alleged that her mother called her “mentally unstable” when she first opened up to her about the experience.

“I’ve always wanted to tell this story but I’ve been waiting for my mother to die because I didn’t want her to bear the shame of it but it’s 2022 angels, and in the spirit of releasing my new project where I talk about some of my experiences, I’ll be sharing this to start off,” she wrote.

“I was sexually abused by my step father from age 11 to 17, he groped me, and wrote about it in his dairy which my mother found. My first experience with being called mentally unstable after sharing a story was with my mother (which is why you stupid internet trolls don’t faze me).

“After my mother found out she said it was ‘just anal’ according to his dairy, meaning that it wasn’t such a big deal since I wasn’t ‘penetrated’. I know through and through what a predator looks like, thinks like, I know they never believe they’ve done anything wrong.”

Ovwasa also revealed that she would not attend her mother’s burial when she dies.

“No, I’m only telling this story because I’m genuinely in a better place and I don’t want your support or pity, a lot of you fuckers are just as guilty. My mother is a pastor and she believes deep in her heart, she’s a good person, I love her to bits,” she added.

“But I don’t trust the woman that birthed me, she has stayed with her husband even despite the fact that I have not returned home for almost 10years, Oluwa Yemisi, I love you, but your other children will bury you, I will not be at your funeral.”