Aisha Yesufu Urges Nigerian Youths Not to Relent Until Govt Provides Execution Plan


One of those at the forefront of the #EndSARS protests, Aisha Yesufu has encouraged Nigerian youths not to give up in their demand for a total reformation of the Nigeria Police Force.

In reaction to the leadership tussle unsettling the #EndSARS campaign, she urged the protesters via a video she uploaded on her Twitter handle, @AishaYesufu, on Wednesday morning that they should keep they their eyes focused on the goal.

She said, “Dear Nigerian youths, you have the government when you want the government. You are doing amazing, you are doing something that we haven’t done.

“Please don’t get distracted over this issue of who is this, who is not what; eye on the ball —forget the distraction. There is nothing yet for you to go into fighting mode over. Focus on your message and the results that you want. That’s what is most important.

“Yes, we have seen the headlines from the government but have you seen the execution plan?

“Can the government bring an execution plan where we know A, B, C, D, this is what it will do from this time to this time, what will happen with time frame? That is what is most important.”

Continuing, she added, “A lot of people who are not being part of this protest as you will expect are trying to discredit it by talking about the protest being monetised. If anybody collects money for the protest, drag the person out, let those who didn’t collect money do their thing.

“If yours is monetised, another person isn’t monetised. I wonder why we want to drag things down. This is part of the things that had hurt the older generation and that is why we’ve remained divided and we have not had the country that works for all of us.

“Please don’t get distracted, focus on the issue. You are doing so great. You have woken up, you’ve found your voices and you have even given us also voices. #EndSARS now, #SARSMustEnd and we must have a great nation. Nothing else matters.”

Meanwhile, after the Special Ant-Robbery Squad was disbanded on Sunday, the Inspector-General of Police thereafter announced on Tuesday that SARS has been replaced with a newly set up unit called Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT).

This announcement has however been greeted with scepticism as a result of previously unfulfilled promises.

However some factions of the protesters have retreated from demonstration with the aim of giving government the benefit of doubt by allowing them to have some time to implement the announced measures.