“Many Ghanaians Hate To See You Be Yourself” – Ghanaian Singer, Kuami Eugene


Ghanaian singer, Kuami Eugene, has reacted against societal expectations and pressures to conform to a specific image within the entertainment industry.

During an interview with MX24 TV, Eugene pointed out the expectations of the public for artistes like him to present themselves as meek and humble, especially during interviews.

He added that artistes who express confidence and acknowledge their achievements are often met with resistance.

“At the end of the day, I feel if I sugarquote myself just to please you, I’m not pleasing myself. I don’t want to put myself in a situation where I’m living my whole life for other people. So if it’s an offence to be me, then it’s cool.

“I know that in the industry I find myself in, you should appear as meek. You come to interviews and you are asked how many awards you have, you say it and someone is mad in their house. They want you to present yourself as solemn; solemn means being humble, being humble means being meek, and being meek means being down there.

“Because if you’re confident enough, that means you feel you are up there. And we hate to see people out there,” he explained.