NFF To Organize Monthly Football Awards


The Nigeria Football Federation on Monday announced the imminence of a Football Awards that will recognize, celebrate and reward the best players and coaches in the Nigeria game on a monthly basis.

These Awards, meant to further generate, enable and inspire positive conversations around the Nigeria game at home and abroad, will feature seven categories in its initial format, highlighting the contributions of players and coaching staff across the ‘beautiful game.’

The NFF Awards will not only recognize and honour individual excellence, but also provide valuable sponsorship opportunities, potentialities and possibilities, allowing companies and institutions to support the development, growth and sustainability of the Nigeria game.

With a focus on celebrating achievements and sector-wide accomplishments, fostering meaningful and fruitful fan engagements, showcasing Nigeria Football on the global stage and keeping conversations on the Nigeria game permanently on the front burner globally, the NFF Awards project promises to be a cornerstone programme for the sport in the country.

The NFF projects that the Awards, and the robust conversations that it will generate online and offline, will contribute immensely to the new drive and efforts to reposition the country’s domestic Leagues, and ultimately engender steadfast interest of the private sector in the Nigeria game.

Further details on the Awards, including award categories, nomination process and launch date, will be released in the coming weeks