Daughter of Otedola explains how she battled ailment for a year


Tolani Otedola, a Nigerian singer and songwriter, has narrated how she battled with an ailment that led to her staying away from social media for over a year.

She said that she was diagnosed with “a condition” which took a toll on her.

Although she did not disclose the nature of her ailment, she only described it as “the toughest season of my life.”

Tolani, who is one of the daughterS of Femi Otedola, a prominent billionaire businessman, said with divine intervention and support of some “special” people, she was able to overcome the “condition” after undergoing treatment.

“For over a year now, I’ve been very social media shy… life shy if I’m being honest. Last year l was diagnosed with a condition & it was the toughest season of my life. But with God and some really special people by my side, I made it through,”

“I grow stronger every day, and the worst of it has passed… but there have been a few after effects of my treatment, one of which has greatly affected my confidence… because it’s quite obvious.

“Being in an industry that places a high value on appearance, I found myself unable to reconcile taking medication that helped my mind but affected my weight.

“I fought with all my heart to be here, and I’ve been feeling quite down that this one ridiculous thing is keeping me hidden. I’m alive! And what a blessing that is, especially in a season where so many people lost loved ones.”

“I also understood something today… that to stay self conscious about my outer appearance, is to undervalue my inner healing… it’s an injustice to my mind, body & God given creativity,” she added.

“To look in the mirror and be embarrassed of my scars is to disregard how I got them and belittle what I’ve survived.

“Most of you guys send me words of encouragement prayers, it means so much. I’m loving making music and slowly making my way back. Thank you for remaining… Gods love & light.”